Tuesday, August 16, 2022

NCCPR in the Lexington Herald-Leader: Kentucky does not need to institutionalize young children. Too much goes wrong.

 On June 4, Ian Sousis, a foster child, ran away from a residential treatment center in Kentucky.  Four hours later, his body was found in the Ohio River.  He had accidentally drowned.  Ian was nine years old. 

On July 17, Ja'Ceon Terry, a foster child, died in another residential treatment center in Kentucky. The cause of death is unknown. [UPDATE, SEPT. 16, 2022: According to the Jefferson County Coroner, the cause was homicide - due to "positional asphyxia."]  But we do know this: Ja’Ceon was seven years old. 

People are asking lots of questions about these specific cases.  But so far, no one has asked the most important question of all: Why is Kentucky institutionalizing such young children?

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