Tuesday, March 10, 2020

NCCPR news and commentary round-up, week ending March 10, 2020

https://www.preserveourfamilies.org/ is a new website created by family advocates in Minnesota, which, year after year, tears apart families at one of the highest rates in the country. (Here’s one tragic example). They have a powerful new video in support of groundbreaking proposed legislation: the African American Family Preservation Act.

● It happened again. A child in Philadelphia was taken needlessly, the system stalled and stalled and stalled and then the stranger-care parents who had the child tried to play the bonding card. But unlike in Minnesota, the Legal Intelligencer reports that a Pennsylvania appeals court didn’t buy it – and now the family is suing. 

● Elizabeth Brico reports on the many ways families – including her own – are needlessly separated in this story for Prism. In the course of her reporting she found an incident that perfectly demonstrates the nature of racial bias in child welfare.  I have a blog post about it.

● Like all child protective services agencies New York City’s Administration for Children’s Services says it never takes away children because of poverty.  Yet now it’s bragging about starting a program to reduce the number of times it takes away children because of poverty.  Of course there are two ways one might try to do this: One way: Provide money. The other: Inflict more “counseling.” Guess which ACS chose.