Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Foster care in Arizona: Thank you, Laurie Roberts

That headline is not meant to be sarcastic, though I can see how readers might think it was.

After all, I gave Roberts hell in a couple of posts on this Blog not long ago – and a couple more all the way back in 2007.  Not to mention the stuff I’ve said in the comment section under her columns.

So what does Roberts go and do?  She calls me.  Not to tell me off, but to ask me about NCCPR’s approach to fixing child welfare systems in general and Arizona in particular.  She heard me out for at least 90 minutes – and then wrote about it in her column today.

A lot of reporters wouldn’t do that – let alone a columnist who according to the “rules” for these things can be as one-sided as she wants.  It shows a lot of class.  I will try to live up to that example in dealing with the people who give me hell – at least those who sign their names.