Monday, April 22, 2019

News and commentary round-up, week ending April 22, 2019

You know how child welfare agency apologists always say “We can’t take children on our own – a judge has to approve everything we do”?  Well, WNYC Public Radio broadcast an outstanding story last week on how the New York City Administration for Children’s Services abuses its power to remove children without asking a judge first.  (And please keep in mind: New York City exercises more restraint about child removal than most places.  That doesn’t mean the New York City system is good; it just means that wherever you are, it’s probably worse.)

Also in New York City, an elite private school files a false child abuse report against the family of one of its students.  Then, when the family sues, they attack the family in a mass email.  I took a particular interest in this one, because it happens to be the high school from which I graduated 47 years ago.  I wrote about it here.

The Chronicle of Social Change has a story about the recent American Bar Association Parent Representation Conference.

And I have a blog post about why the latest McLawsuit from Marcia Lowry stands a very good chance of making Oregon’s already horrible child welfare system even worse.