Thursday, January 25, 2018

NCCPR in Youth Today: When horror-story cases lead to horrible laws

The recent revelations about horrific abuse of 13 children and young adults in California have prompted a spate of commentary suggesting that all homeschoolers effectively be treated as suspected child abusers.  It's another example of why horror stories make horrible law. 

From NCCPR's column in Youth Today:

The real reason cracking down on home-schoolers has such appeal, particularly for some of my fellow liberals, is because, well, “we” all know what “they” are like. Although all sorts of people choose home-schooling for all sorts of reasons, “home-schooler” immediately conjures up an image of right-wing fundamentalists.

So try this. Whenever you read a proposal for compulsory inspections of the children of home-schoolers, try substituting the word “terrorism” for child abuse and “Muslim” for “home-schooler.” Then see if the idea is still so appealing.