Saturday, December 3, 2011

Foster care in America: New video has the stories ABC News won’t show you

Did you see that program about fairy tales on ABC?

No, not Once Upon a Time.  On this fairy tale program the evil sorcerers dispense needless psychiatric medication to foster children – and on that point the program is on the mark.

But the wicked witches and other villains almost always are children’s parents.  The knights in shining armor and prince and princess charmings are always foster parents or adoptive parents – or they run residential treatment centers.  And while the villains come in all colors, the heroes are always “snow white.”

I am referring, of course, to ABC News' latest program about foster care and exercise in child exploitation.  Our full response is on our website here.

Fortunately, another video was just released that tells the stories ABC News systematically left out, in its current program and so often in the past.  It’s not quite as slick as the ABC News program – but it’s a lot more real.  It’s from the Brooklyn Family Defense Project:

BFDP Fall Benefit Video, 11/17/11 from brooklyn family defense project on Vimeo.