Thursday, May 26, 2011

Foster care in Texas: This time seeing is believing

Some of the best child welfare reporting anywhere in the country is being done by Randy Wallace at KRIV-TV, Fox26 in Houston.  There was a fine example on May 19.  But I’m not sure my telling you that will be enough to get you to click on the link to this latest story, about a child who never should have been taken from her parents.

So allow me to show you two stills from the video of the Fox26 report.  This is a picture of the three-year-old child at the center of the story before Child Protective Services took her away:

This is the same child, six months later, after CPS tore her from her parents, moved her from foster home to foster home and doped her up on psychiatric medication:

If you want to know what happened; if you want to know how this child ever wound up in foster care, and if you want to know why, even though she's home now, CPS wants to take her again - forever - click here.