Friday, January 7, 2011

Two notable works of journalism

…one to read, one to see.

UPDATE: THE "NEED TO KNOW" SEGMENT NOW IS AVAILABLE ONLINE HERE.  (Best bet seems to be to click on "Watch the Full Episode" in the upper right; it's the first story.  When I try clicking on the video of the story alone it tends to cut out about half-way through.)

The cover story in the current issue of the D.C. alternative weekly CityPaper gives hope that the reports of the death of great investigative journalism have been at least slightly exaggerated.  The story is all about the ugly, expensive, soul-destroying world of “residential treatment.”

And tonight, the PBS series Need to Know airs a segment on the misuse and overuse of psychiatric medications on foster children.  Since PBS fiefdoms – I mean stations – consider it a violation of their God-given rights to cooperate and air programs at the same time more than a few days a week, you’ll have to check your local listings for the time.  But it’s on at 8:30pm in New York and 10:30pm in D.C.