Sunday, November 21, 2010

Starting tomorrow [UPDATE: Make that next week]: Comparing L.A. Times child welfare coverage to its own standards

The Los Angeles Times has an admirable Code of Ethics.  Tomorrow and Tuesday I’ll compare the code to the actual Times coverage of child welfare. 

Well, that was the original plan.  But today's Times editorial, the topic of a new post to this Blog, deserves more attention during the week, and that would push any other posts very close to Thanksgiving.  So I expect to post about the code of ethics starting a week from tomorrow.

But why wait for me?  You might want to compare Times coverage of child welfare to the code yourself - see especially the sections on "Sources" "Precision" and "Fairness" - and decide for yourself if the reporting of Garrett Therolf, the embattled reporter for the beleaguered Los Angeles Times, measures up.