Monday, February 8, 2010

Foster care in Los Angeles: An LA news blog sorts it all out

Losing track of who said what when in the LA foster care debate? Losing track of why it matters? "the online source for daily coverage of social justice news" sorts it all out, and cuts to the chase. The full post is here. And here's the conclusion:

Unfortunately one point has become obscured by these several days of the Times and DCFS parsing who meant what: Abuse can take place at both ends of the spectrum. Every week parents come before the LA County Supervisors and plead for help in getting their children back from the foster care system. Most of the time nothing comes of it.

I hear from some of those parents on a regular basis. Right now, I don't have the staff to investigate their cases. (I intend to begin to change all that later on this year.)

But the LA Times, despite its staff cuts, does have the capacity to at least look into some of these troubling stories of kids yanked into the trauma that is foster care for reasons that are filmsy at best. [Times reporter Garrett] Therolf has demonstrated in the past, that he is more than talented enough to do it.

Let us hope he can persuade his editors to allow him to investigate some of the individual cases that show the other sad end of the DCFS continuum.

Such coverage would provide a much needed balance to the horror stories that are still threatening to drive the County into a child-snatching panic.