Monday, October 2, 2023

NCCPR in The Imprint: Child Well-Being Doesn't Require Family Policing

This is what America's "child welfare" systems call a success story:

 A family is victimized by a false allegation of child abuse. After they are cleared, they miss one doctor's appointment for their child, so they are accused again. After authorities "carefully consider" their situation, they are referred to a prevention program while constantly monitored. After release from the program they have to fight their way out of the state's central register of accused child abusers. In an interview, in the presence of someone from the program, they praise the program. 

In fact, while the 0-5 Program in Clinton County, N.Y., administered by an agency called Youth Advocate Programs, may have merit, everything else about this story illustrates the failure of what should properly be called "family policing." ...

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