Thursday, April 7, 2022

NCCPR in The Imprint: Affluent America Gets a Wake-up Call on CPS Intrusion

Ever since Texas Gov. Greg Abbott decided to wage war against transgender children there have been stories about the fear and anguish these children and their parents are enduring. For me, a front-page story in The Washington Post stood out. This excellent story ran under the headline “Dreading the knock at the door: Parents of trans kids in Texas are terrified for their families.” 

The story focused primarily on the family of Amber Briggle, an activist for the rights of trans kids. In 2016, the family even had Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton over for dinner. Briggle thought they’d changed Paxton’s mind. She was mistaken. 

The Post story stood out because, for me, that framing was so familiar. Indeed, the headline  echoed, almost word for word, an essay by a 14-year-old girl in New York City, written in 2006. ...