Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Child welfare waivers: The stakes for your state

NCCPR publishes an interactive state-by-state guide to child welfare waivers

            Now that Congress and President Obama have restored the authority of the Department of Health and Human Services to offer waivers from rules limiting how states can use a large part of their federal child welfare funds, what’s in it for your state?

            How much federal money that now can be spent only on foster care could be used for better alternatives as well if your state applies for and gets a waiver?  We have the answers and they’re in our interactive guide to waivers available here.

            In addition, this guide looks at another issue: Most states take some of the money from the meager amount the federal government makes available for prevention and family preservation and divert it into things like child abuse investigations and foster care.  It's legal, but unconscionable.  NCCPR's new report has the figures for every state.

Updated October 6 to chage link to the new interactive version of the guide.