Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One viewer sees through the “Safe Families” hype

With the CBS Evening News the latest to jump on the bandwagon of offering up gushy stories about "Safe Families" - the so-called alternative to foster care that is, in fact, foster care – the comments section of the CBS News website was dominated by the usual anonymous ranting, bigotry and general nuttiness – except for one comment that cut through all the b.s. surrounding Safe Families. One viewer saw what almost all the reporters who've been fawning over this program missed. Unfortunately, I don't know who posted it; like almost all such posts, this one is anonymous, identified only by the screen name Krymarh. But I can reprint what Krymarh wrote – exactly as she or he wrote it:

During the second World war Jewish family were separating from their children for the sake of children survival. The Nazis were set to kill them all. And now in the richest and, so far, peaceful country the best solution to the economic crises it to give up your children to charitable Christians for the sake of survival. Millions of homes taken by banks stay empty. Parents cannot buy children shoes, there are sleeping in subways. Instead of buying shoes and providing decent shelter for families with children "Good people" solve the state problem and offer their solution, they take children to their Christians homes. What country is that? What country allows that to happen? Charity starts with courage of thoughts. Courage of social changes. But as long as this is acceptable and cherished solutions, any real change in hearts and minds is impossible.