Tuesday, April 18, 2023

NCCPR news and commentary round-up, week ending April 18, 2023

● Some relatively good news in Tennessee: Tennessee Lookout reports that thanks to strong legal advocacy, public pressure, and some very good journalism, the children taken from parents whose “crime” was Driving While Black have been returned.  That does not, of course, take away the trauma inflicted on those children, and so many others in Tennessee and elsewhere. 

NBC News and KXAS-TV report that there is less progress concerning another case of wrongful removal of a child from a Black family, this one in Texas.  UPDATE, APRIL 20: The news on this one just got better

● Florida is among the states where the family police agency keeps claiming it has a shortage of caseworkers.  But WFLA-TV finds there’s another possibility.  

● In Hawaii, the family police agency is sinking to misrepresentation and blackmail - and that’s just how they treat the State Legislature!  I have a blog post about it, with a link to the original story, from Hawaii News Now. 

The Imprint reports on legislation in California that would curb arbitrary timelines concerning when children’s rights to their parents can be terminated. 

● If you don’t raise your children exactly the way stereotypical white, middle-class Americans raise their children, everything is going to be a problem. The Imprint has a case in point. 

Axios summarizes one of the new studies about racial bias in drug testing. 

And finally, a great new resource in New York City: 

● Who calls the “child abuse” hotline? What do they allege? Where do they call from? Who would benefit most from legislative reforms? In New York City you can find out, not just by borough but by zip code, in this new interactive easily searchable-data brief from the NYC Family Policy Project.