Monday, March 22, 2010

UPDATED, MARCH 24: CR wins: More children will be shoveled into foster care in Tennessee

See update at the end of this post

It's no less disappointing for the fact that it's no surprise: The group that so arrogantly calls itself "Children's Rights" is crowing about having bullied the Tennessee Legislature into repealing a law that would have ever-so-slightly counterbalanced the enormous incentives for needless foster care. Details on the law, and CR's crusade to get rid of it, are in this previous post to this blog.

CR moved against this law even though the group's own Executive Director, Marcia Lowry, recently told the Philadelphia Daily News:

"I've been doing this work for a long time and represented thousands and thousands of foster children, both in class-action lawsuits and individually, and I have almost never seen a child, boy or girl, who has been in foster care for any length of time who has not been sexually abused in some way, whether it is child-on-child or not."

Now, thanks to Marcia and her colleagues, the odds of that happening to even more children in Tennessee have just gone up. And so have the odds of another case like this. That is how the group that so arrogantly calls itself Children's Rights defines "children's rights."

UPDATE: MARCH 24: CR’s double standards are showing again. Now they’re out with a press release using the horrors endured by two foster children as leverage in their lawsuit in Oklahoma. Two days ago, they gloated about using the settlement they won in Tennessee as leverage to win repeal of a law that would reduce the odds of children enduring such horrors in that state.