Tuesday, September 1, 2009

UPDATE: No English, no child (and no help from the group calling itself “Children’s Rights”)

Time magazine now has picked up on the story of Cirila Baltazar Cruz, the mother in Mississippi whose child was confiscated at birth because the mother doesn't speak English. The story first was reported by the Jackson, Ms. Clarion Ledger, but the paper never followed up and the original story now is available only in the paper's paid archive. But it is discussed in detail in this June 18, 2009 post to the NCCPR Blog. As noted at that time, the Southern Poverty Law Center has stepped in to help.

But one group remains conspicuously silent. As I noted in that previous post:

There is one other group that could be a big help here. They settled a class-action lawsuit about the Mississippi system. They [were] even bragging about alleged progress in that state on the home page of their website [on June 18]. And they are enormously skilled at P.R. But so far, I've seen no public comment on this case from the group that so arrogantly calls itself Children's Rights.

Apparently one child's right to a loving mother whose only crime is an inability to speak English makes no difference to CR.