Thursday, December 18, 2008

More families vindicated

    Out of more than 400 children torn from their families at the YFZ ranch in April, only 19 now remain under any kind of court supervision. Only one child has been returned to foster care.

    In every other case, the families are entirely free of oversight by Texas CPS. The only difference is all the harm done to the children by the ordeal CPS put them through – first by tearing them from everyone they knew and loved, then by interning them in dreadful conditions in a kiddie-Guantanamo, and then by scattering them around the state, until appellate courts intervened. Even if one believes some of these children really were abused, or really might be abused someday, it should be obvious by now that Texas' exercise in mass child confiscation did nothing to protect those children. It only left some of them traumatized – and highly unlikely to tell authorities if, at some time in the future, they really are abused.