Thursday, November 13, 2008

If you’re looking for our take on the Nebraska “safe haven” law…

Something odd happened this evening. On Monday, I was interviewed by an Associated Press reporter for a story about Nebraska's "safe haven" law. It is the laudable custom of AP to include at the end of stories links to the websites of organizations they cite. Apparently, an editor cut whatever quote or quotes the reporter used from my interview, but left the link to at the end of the story. The result was a surge in traffic to our website unlike anything since its inception. I very much appreciate AP's including the link, but since there is nothing on our main website about the "Safe Haven" law, a lot of people may be puzzled. However, anyone interested can find our take on the Nebraska law in previous Blog entries collected here.  Then scroll down past this post, which will appear again.

    My one regret would be if anyone clicked on the link in the hope of finding services as an alternative to the "safe haven" law. NCCPR is not a service provider and, unfortunately, is far too small to assist with individual cases. Some Nebraska lawmakers have gotten the message, however. During a special session of the Nebraska Legislature that begins tomorrow, they have promised to introduce legislation to improve services. Let's hope so – and let's hope the other 49 states, which have the same sorts of problems, but don't have a law that makes these problems visible, follow suit.